Getting started with Clash of Clans API
Go to Register and set up your token.
Demo 01 : Getting data from Clash of Clans API source in action
  1. Replace <CLANTAG> with your clan tag. Find this in game on your clan screen.
  2. Replace <APITOKEN> with with your API token.
  3. $url can be any of the urls specified by API documentation.
  4. More reading on: curl_init, curl_setopt, curl_exec, json_decode
Demo 02 : Displaying the data source in action
  1. Remove php header function as we are now using HTML to set the charset
  2. Remove var_dump function as we are now using HTML to display the results
  3. Add a way to display any error with fetching data from API
  4. Add the clan name to the <title> tag
  5. Add the clan data (as defined in $data variable) to a set <table>
  6. Loop through the member list (as defined by $members) and add to <tr> tag within a <table> for members of the clan
  7. More reading on: php arrays, isset, echo, foreach, HTML5
Demo 03 : Fixing the display source in action